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I know that for most female-entrepreneurs, setting up sales funnels can feel scary, overwhelming or a little too sleazy (bro-marketing, ew). So I'm here to show you how to do it in a way that feels sacred.

I’ve helped my clients do everything from their first sales, to $0-$100k in 11 months, to hitting an $80k sales month and scaling to 7 figures.

But it’s not just about the revenue, it’s also about the FREEDOM. Helping my clients claim that back and realise running a business gets to feels easy when we have the right tools in place - that’s everything.

Let's have a look at how I can help you get your next Sacred Funnel set up...

It's time to set up systems that serve you, as you serve the world





A 3-month mastermind for coaches ready to build and launch a funnel that attracts high ticket clients and automates the process of scaling to six figures

My signature six-week program showing you how to create and launch your own online course. It’s time to tap into impact and income, beauty!


This is my best-selling 8-part course taking you through my signature C.R.E.A.T.I.ON Method™ for manifesting your desires and creating a reality you are WILDLY obsessed with

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Expand Your Business

The nine-part beginner funnel series

Learn how to craft your own funnel

Never worry about what to put in an email sequence again

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next level launch

Create and Launch an online course in just 6 weeks!


The exact tools and platforms you need (and those you don’t!) so you can shortcut the process of getting your course out into the world.

Book your completely FREE 30-minute consultation and help putting together a customised plan to increase your sales, get your time back, and grow the number of people you're serving.

Free Strategy Session

A step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do to reach $10k months in your business, with sacred sales strategy showing you exactly HOW TO tap into the impact and income you desire.

10 Secrets For Reaching $10K Months

Sales Funnel Calculator

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Predict your monthly revenue and create consistent sales in your business

“I hit my goal of building a six-figure business in under a year!”

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"It's definitely a great place to be challenged - but in a positive, supportive and powerful way."

Sacred society

Beatriz A.

"If you're the type of person that gets in your head about things and you kind of like complicate the whole entire process, please join the Mastermind or anything that Taylor has!"


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Calculate the sales you’ll be bringing in on autopilot for your next funnel without guessing, feast or famine, or only making money when you launch

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Private coaching with Tay is the highest level sacred container cultivated for visionary female entrepreneurs ready to embody their highest self, tap into abundant receivership and align themselves with the sacred strategy that welcomes the money flow they’re made for. 

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