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Want my help planning your systems and automations for your business?

I help female entrepreneurs automate with funnels so they can scale
(while getting their freedom back!)

Think of me as your sales funnel BFF & guide to sacred selling *eyes twinkle like Dumbledore*.

I help my clients scale to six and seven figures by honouring the sacred strategy of business - and I'm going to show you exactly how to do the same.

I help female entrepreneurs set up automations, sales funnels and systems to create more freedom and more sales in their businesses.

Hi, I'm taylor rae.

10 Secrets For Reaching $10K Months

as a Course Creator and Mentor

Want to know the step-by-step strategy for consistent five figures as a coach, course creator or service provider online? Learn how to set up systems that serve you, optimise your offers, and see selling as being of service by downloading the guide now.


Learn the sacred strategy of building a business with weekly episodes from Taylor Rae. Learn all about the divine masculine side of entrepreneurship - marketing, social media, sales funnels, automations, scaling your revenue, branding, systems, understanding the numbers and how to see selling as sacred. With over 300,000 downloads and ranked Top 10 in Australia for Entrepreneurship, Tay will guide you through the process of scaling your business, increasing your profitability and getting your freedom back - all while showing up and serving those that need the Sacred Work you share with the world. 

the podcast

3 months of coaching and mentorship with Taylor and the Sacred Funnel Society Team

2 x 90 Minute LIVE Group Q+A Calls each month with Taylor Rae

Exclusive lifetime access to the SFS Curriculum and the complete S.A.C.R.E.D Framework with 40+ lessons

High Level Bonuses covering off CEO Schedules, Money Mindset, Podcasting & Web Design

24/7 Access to a Private Community of like minded female entrepreneurs all on the same journey as you

Support and guidance from Taylor Rae and the SFS Team answering your questions inside the private community

THIS is a 3 month mastermind container showing you how to attract high-ticket clients with an automated funnel that brings quality leads in consistently, and allows you to scale to six figures in a predictable and profitable way.


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My time coaching with Taylor has been nothing short of absolutely life-changing. It's kind of funny because what I initially came to her to be coached on is actually so different than what we ended up working on. And it was all so remarkably aligned. It was things that I really needed that I didn't even know that I needed. I kind of thought I wanted to do one thing, but what it turned out was there were so many other things that truly needed to be moved out of the way and transformed with love and with presence. 

I feel like through my time with Tay, I've really just stepped into a whole other echelon of business, but I've also really learned the power of simplifying. Like really making sure that what I'm doing makes sense. That there is a simplistic, yet effective way to approach business, which is not the way that I once did it intuitively. I feel so much more empowered, so much more clear, and just on such an exciting trajectory because of our time together. So love you. Thanks, Tay.

natalia benson

Working with Tay was an absolute DREAM. She helped take all the ideas in my head and organize them in a way that actually made sense. By the end of our session we had mapped out two complete funnels in a NON overwhelming way, something I honestly never thought I could do when it came to ‘funnel building’.

It was so simple in fact, that within a month I had it up and running, and already closed a high ticket client from it. This is coming from someone who’s primarily done live launching and was craving more automations and behind the scene selling in my life.

Tay was so gracious, made me feel SO comfortable to fully express myself and not apologize for what I wanted, and really rook ME into consideration when helping me map these out. I am SO pumped for waht’s to come from our work together (again, it’s ALREADY working) and cannot recommend her enough!

Megan Yelaney

Working with Taylor was the biggest investment I have ever made in myself. But it took a lot of courage for me to make that investment. It was something that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. And it was probably the first time I really experienced that kind of quantum leap that you get when you really invest in something that is gonna change the rest of your life. 

I built out a good funnel system and I understand how that works now with different offerings, like a freebie and then a low ticket offer.

She gives so much value and support, and you always know that you can share where you are at and that you can shift at any point that you need to in your business. I think by the end, we were sharing a lot of the things on a similar path, which was just a beautiful thing to experience together. 

I'm so glad I took the leap. I really feel blessed to have had the experience. I couldn't recommend Taylor enough and she's now on this next level of herself. I cannot even imagine the more magic that she'll have in these sessions. If you're on the fence, I know it can feel scary, but taking that quantum leap forward is gonna really change your life for the better.

laura phelan


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