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Taylor Rae is a Manifestation and Spiritual Business Coach for visionary women who know they’re here for more.

Running a global business from Melbourne in Australia, Tay serves over 60,000 people across her online platforms and has worked with hundreds of women to help them understand how to blend spirituality and strategy to manifest the lives + businesses they desire.

Tay is best known for her ability to “blend the woo with the work” and has been featured on Kajabi, Teachable and Yahoo Finance after taking that unique blend and using it to build a multiple-six figure online business in less than two years.

Tay’s work is deeply rooted in her belief that each of us came here with a divine purpose, path and light to share with the world. She is on a mission to help women everywhere to realise they have the ability to create whatever reality they desire, to step fully into their power, and to tap into alignment so they can experience true abundance now.

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CHAKRA GIRL RADIO - Taylor Rae - Sales, but Sacred

LIT UP AND LIBERATED PODCAST - Sacred Funnels with Taylor Rae

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krishna f

If you want to change your life and business at the same time, seriously work with her. I had so many reasons why I couldn't invest in a coach at the time but my intuition was just telling me that I needed to work with her. It was one of the best investments I've ever made, the experience has been life-changing.

If you're the type of person that gets in your head about things and you kind of like complicate the whole entire process, please join the Mastermind or anything that Taylor has! The way she teaches stuff and breaks things down is so simple and I feel like we need that especially with all the noise on Instagram and all the other places. Her coaching approach is so warm and welcoming. I love that about her. She is the bomb!

beatriz a

I have found so much more alignment and clarity, and my whole outlook on what I wanted completely changed. It’s just amazing because I feel like I'm changing into the highest version of myself. And it's just been absolutely incredible. So this is helping me in so many ways that I didn't even think I needed help. It's helping me in all aspects of my life, not just business wise - so I'm just so grateful to be here. 

cass t

It was everything and more than I could have expected. I just knew that I was ready for more and having Taylor guiding me through every step and supporting me was just amazing. And the thing that is priceless is the group of women that were there to support me too. I would recommend it to anybody, even if you're not sure about what you want to do - just the fact that you know you're ready for more - take the step and just freakin do it!
You won't regret it.

jennifer v


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