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The 10 Most Important Strategies For Scaling Your Sales as an Online Coach 

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taking a break

The holidays are just around the corner. Most people are excited about the upcoming festivities but for us business owners, we’re more concerned about whether or not to take a break. And if we are going to take one, how long do we take? Should we keep it really short? How much support should we […]

Should You Take a Break in Your Business Over the Holiday Period?


project management

And just like that, we’re already in the last month of 2021. It’s that time of the year where you celebrate all of the wins, and pause and reflect on the lessons you’ve learned in the past year.  It’s also the time to look forward and plan your next big goals. You want to visualize […]

The 6 Step Project Management Process (That Will Make Sure You’re Actually Hitting Your Goals in 2022!)


Being of Service, Sacred Selling + Setting up Systems in Your Business

Today’s episode is an interview I did with Amanda Paz on her podcast, Yogabiz Academy. This is such a powerful conversation on how to authentically embrace limitless abundance, fully trust the universe, and open yourself up to receive in business. We also talk about the technical side of running a business and discuss email marketing, […]

Being of Service, Sacred Selling + Setting up Systems in Your Business


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